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[전자신문] 발행일 : 2018.10.17

NOWSYSTEM (CEO Lee Jong-han) announced AirN, an integrated solution for air quality (fine dust), on the 10th.

AirN integrated solution The outdoor air quality is measured through the AirN sensor, the automatic warning broadcast is performed through AirN EB, the air condition is informed through AirN signal (traffic light) and AirN stlight (street light) present.

In the meantime, air quality integrated solutions did not provide intuitive information.

The AirN integrated solution provides automatic alerting and action tips for each concentration depending on the room conditions. Intuitive information delivery is an advantage. An environmental sensor built into the equipment measures ultrafine dust, various atmospheric pollutants, etc., and sends that information to the server.

The information transmitted is precisely analyzed and provided to mobile phones and websites, as well as integrated control solutions that can monitor the quality of the air. According to the NOWSYSTEM side, we can develop advanced signals and outdoor sensors and provide products and solutions suitable for various environments.

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